It is so unfortunate that our world is not becoming a safer place
Crime, theft, kidnapping risks are only growing, we in Argus Security systems have come up with unique concept which is ARGUS Fortified Room to address these growing risks.


Fortified space within your home where you and your family can retreat to in the event of a home invasion, or other life-threatening events.

We propose to design & build such rooms for Properties under construction and for existing properties. This room could minimize and save on you and your loved once a lot of the damage if Such risks will be faced.



With Experienced European Contractor, who has Designed & built such rooms for their clients for many years, not only that, such room might be constructed inside a Yacht, as no one should forget the risk of Pirates.

We have come up with a Modular solution which fits GCC market, we considered the potential security risks, the nature of the expected assault, authorities response time & the time required to withstand the assault until authorities arrive, if you have a property outside UAE, we can further provide our clients with customized solution, the solution will include separate energy and air conditioning system, separate communication system, food & Medical supplies storages, if it is All not enough, we will design & build for you tactical fight back counter measures or even alternative ways out of the property.


Each Argus Fortified Room is designed to withstand different types of assault, depending on the threats you'll potentially face. Several International Standards are followed, with the most popular being:

  • EN 1522/3 FB6 7.62 x 51 NATO European Standard
  • NIJ 0108.01 Level IV from the US National Institute of Justice

That can safely protect you and your family from even a 7.62mm Ak47 assault rifle. Combining different materials and construction techniques we manage to provide limitless safety even when facing much larger weapons.


Will be provided for home owners or end users on how to use the room and how to behave if a risk arise along with Operation and maintenance manuals.

We wish for our client that they never use Argus fortified room, but if the extreme situation happens, even if it happens one single time, we want our clients to be well prepared for it.

Working closely with US trained special forces experts, we can also provide you with the following safety services:

  • Plan from scratch and personalize your entire safety protocols and procedures. Custom design a complete safety plan based on your facilities, family members, routines, personnel, etc.
  • Tactical training on how to effectively and safely use defense weapons.
  • Testing of all materials at the fire range.
  • Tactical training for all your safety personnel on what procedures to follow in case of an emergency.


Panic Rooms are not only for houses. Depending on your lifestyle, we can custom design and construct panic rooms for:

  • Your Office
  • Your Yacht
  • Your Summer House

Because you need to feel safe everywhere you are. And if you own a Hotel, a Casino, a luxurious restaurant, etc, we can design Panic Rooms to protect your VIP clients in case of an emergency.

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