Argus Security is a renowned supplier of bespoke luxury safes in Dubai and offers professional services for the design, and construction of safe rooms for your home or villa in Dubai.


A safe room within your home where you and your family can retreat to in the event of a home invasion, or other life-threatening events. We propose to design & build such rooms for Properties under construction and for existing properties. These rooms are often built to provide a safe space for inhabitants.


Over the years, we have developed a modular solution that fits the GCC market. We took into account potential security risks, the nature of the anticipated assault, authorities response time, and the time required to withstand the assault until authorities arrive.

If you have a property outside of the United Arab Emirates, we can also offer our clients with customized solutions. These solutions will include separate energy and air conditioning systems, separate communication systems, food and medical supply storages, if applicable.

We take pride in offering an extensive selection of top-tier merchandise, including luxury home safes in Dubai, sophisticated jewelry safes, best watch winder safes, document safes, and top-quality security doors for your residence. Contact us now to obtain a personalized quote.


We will provide home owners or end users with protocols on how to use the safe room. Working closely with US trained special force experts, we can also provide the following safety services:

  • Plan from scratch and personalize your entire safety protocols and procedures. Custom design a complete safety plan based on your facilities, family members, routines, personnel, etc.
  • Tactical training on how to effectively and safely use defense weapons.
  • Testing of all materials at the fire range.
  • Tactical training for all your safety personnel on what procedures to follow in case of an emergency.


Depending on the threats you might encounter, each Argus Fortified Room is built to withstand a particular kind of assault. There are several International Standards used, with the most common being:

  • EN 1522/3 FB6 7.62 x 51 NATO European Standard
  • NIJ 0108.01 Level IV from the US National Institute of Justice

With that, you and your family are secure against even a 7.62mm Ak47 assault rifle. By combining various building materials and methods, we are able to offer unrestricted safety, even when confronted with much more powerful weapons.


Our design team will deliver:

  • Detailed architectural plans
  • Cuts and Sections
  • Structural plans
  • Engineering plans
  • Technical details
  • Construction guides
  • Specifications
  • 3D models
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Plans for the adaptation of the existing structures/rooms
  • O&M (Operation & Maintenance) manuals


During design and construction we fight to overcome several challenges.

  • Briefing with the client, his architect and his security officer to meet their needs
  • Selection of area/room
  • Structural Weight support
  • Installation techniques
  • Cabling and Piping arrangement
  • Connections with building
  • Find enough space
  • Design, Aesthetics & Comfort

*We also provide construction supervision and instructions.