Agresti stands out for its unique concept of concealing secure safes in armoires made of precious wood, state of the art mechanics, and technologically advanced Swiss-made watch winders. The company’s roots date back to the beginning of the last century. Agresti was formed in 1949 in Florence, an everlasting setting of art and beauty, and home to its prestigious creations still today. In the wake of one of Tuscany’s purest traditions, Agresti’s endeavors began in leather goods. The company subsequently specialized in designing trunks, constructed with preciouswood, and lined and divided inside to store all types of jewelry and fine objects.

Argus is proud to bring Agresti into UAE market.



At Agresti’s headquarters, skilled craftsmen work with the highest quality materials and transform them into unique products: armored armoires; innovative Swiss-made winders for automatic watches; jewelry chests; cases outfitted for pen collections, watches and documents; refind cases for cigars and games; and elegant armoires for wines and spirits. Continuous technological research and attention to detail contribute to the excellent craftsmanship of Agresti’s collections. Each product is made by hand and can be customized according to the client’s requirements. The safes can be opened with facial recognition, biometrics, or a touch keypad, guaranteeing the highest security standards.