High-Quality Home Entrance Doors with Security Features

Argus Security is a one-stop solution for those who want to create custom front doors for their villas and luxurious homes. Our skillful artisans combine the most advanced technological features in terms of safety with the highest quality design elements. We stand out in the market for our meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge designs. For individuals who wish for a stylish and unique entrance, we recommend pivot doors. They are ideal for enhancing the curb appeal of your property. Explore our gallery of high-end front doors and send an inquiry today!

In addition, our wide range of quality products also includes house safety doors, luxury home safes, document safe boxes, jewelry safes, and watch winders. Request a quote now!

Why to Choose Pivot Doors for Your Villa Entrance?

There are many reasons that make pivot doors an excellent choice for your home entrance. Read them below:


Modern and Visually Appealing

In comparison to hinged doors, pivot doors have an eye-catching appearance and stylish movement that create a completely distinct look and feel.

Wider Entrance

These doors offer a spacious entrance as compared to swinging doors that not only facilitate the movement of large and bulky items but also add a touch of grandeur to the home.

Advanced Security

A security pivot door with a multiple lock system or finger scanner installed at the entrance of your villa is an optimum solution for securing your premises while creating a contemporary space.

Wide Range of Designs

Pivot doors can be made using a variety of materials and have unique designs that complement your property. You can also customize them to express your unique tastes and style.

What Makes Our Front Doors Unique?

  • Excellent craftsmanship and design
  • High level of security and durability
  • Exceptional dimensions for impressive appearance
  • Extensive range of creative designs
  • Custom-made using advanced technology
  • Allows easy and smooth day-to-day operations
  • Energy-efficient
  • Quick and expert installation

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