Upgrade your home security with our state-of-the-art tactical fog systems. Instead of relying on loud alarms, our anti-theft fog device offers a unique approach to protect businesses, homes, and other assets. Upon detecting a break-in, the system quickly releases a dense, non-toxic fog that obscures the intruder's vision, giving you ample time to call for help. The fog is typically made up of tiny particles of glycol or water-based solution, which obscure the visibility of the interior of a building and make it difficult for a thief to see and take any valuable items. e fog typically disperses within minutes, allowing normal visibility to be restored and the premises to be easily cleaned. With cutting-edge technology and ease of use, our tactical fog system is the intelligent solution for safeguarding your valuable belongings. We are committed to providing the most innovative and effective home security solutions to our clients, which also include designer products such as a home safebox and luxury jewelry safes. You can also fortify the protection of your home with customized security doors and security windows.